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Exclusive Technology Showcase:

Sustainable Energy


WHI is run on a non-fiat base for payroll, to employees. WHI is for profit, to secure that funds are placed in the correct direction and not to our "recent foundations" of the past. Via our WHI relationships and secured placements in discussed regions we have the full capacity to immediately initiate our internal Blockchain from a (MACRO LEVEL) Central Bank, only as a decentralized capacity or technology assistance in decentralized movement, to (MICRO LEVEL) smaller scale, Eco Village. Our selected strategic partnership will be announced no later than May 1, 2018, and be utilized for current WHI contracts with Water and Electricity companies IMMEDIATELY initiating in our Swaziland, ROC, Papua New Guinea and Aboriginal Tribal Nations for CLEAN RENEWABLE ENERGY.

WHI's Blockchain "Strategic Exclusive Partnership" (SEP) will include a Global impact on the total industry, from large levels of involvement in which the Decentralized system was

"originally" utilized for, to internal coins generated, in which Exclusively include relationships already secured with our Global partnerships with Energy Contracts, Export/Import Zones, and Village GREEN cards, and GREEN BANK in which is utilized for Agricultural and Holistic Food farming as well as reduced Municipal Waste.

From a standpoint of GREEN technology, WHI was the immediate resources and technological capacity to initiate a fully GREEN solution to the previous solutions of "coal ran" energy mining for Cryptocurrency, as well as digital storage facilitators for non mining entities. Although Mining for BTC, ETH, LTC is not what WHI is primarily focused on, WHI has conformed to a simple, Bamboo-cane model or Hemp biomass model, that is Zero Emissions, Zero Carbon and will utilize highly oxygenated water for growing Bamboo, and Biomass for Sustaining Energy as a sample to show the "dirty little secrets" of coal infused mining facilities, that there are ECO FRIENDLY solutions other than coal.

BI- PRODUCT: Green Bio-Fuel and Water (H2O) & Farmer Job Growth (Agriculture)



INFUSE SOVEREIGNTY and Quantum level technology, into our culture with quantum and molecular sciences by INTEGRATING clean GREEN energy, clean water, and eco-friendly developments with educational interfaces, physics, technologies, and holistic- INFUSED agriculture, that will assist youth with global awareness, Sovereignty, and self sustainability with a primary focus within Indigenous Nations and Tribal Communities from both a Micro- and Macro- Decentralized financial structure.

Secured Strategic Pinpoint of Locations in immediate need in which WHO has implemented molecular and quantum engineering technologies, eco- friendly villages, and renewable energy arrangements for city restructuring and the utilization of Blockchain for Decentralization Currency.

Established Community Rebirth Obligations in which include ENERGY harvesting, vertical holistic agriculture growth, purified highly oxygenated water, and decentralized rewards for self sustainability.

Facilitated Renewable Energy Solutions & Technology in which include clean energy from municipal waste, sewage, waste water, GREEN Bamboo cane & bio mass into clean energy for both Micro and Macro Levels of development.



Providus Investments

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Behind the Scenes

Increase Torres Strait Islander and Aboriginal peoples' enterprises and grow existing indigenous businesses throughout Australasia and Pacific region.

Utilise the services of Indigenous enterprises in all aspects of the enterprise development and Financial management.

Support greater autonomy, self-determination, economic independence and land security for Traditional Landowners.

Establish partnerships with Indigenous communities, private sector, and potential investors based on humanitarian needs.

Establish financially viable business enterprises with economic synergies in resort development, alternative fuel production, aviation, agriculture, aquaculture and building and construction.

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Water Remediation of Drinking Water

Clean water is essential for healthy humans, livestock and crop growth for everyone on the planet. If the water is allowed to evaporate the in retention ponds, pesticides and heavy metals will concentrate and dramatically increase the pesticide and heavy metals present in water that is used for drinking, livestock and crops. Currently, bioremediation activities have been limited to accidental pesticide releases into soils with great success. The remediation of water has been limited to using filtration systems that are expensive and create huge quantities of hazardous waste byproducts (used filters). The Bio Optimized Bioremediation (BOB)

BOB can naturally clean both salt and freshwater aquatic environments of different kinds of contaminants. The pesticides present in retention ponds is ideal carbon source for blofilms to grow on the BOB systems Blo-Plates.

The biofilms can breakdown the pesticides and the organic compounds used in every day farming and waste from livestock.

The BOB system can be built in 20 or 40ft shipping containers to best fit the size of the retention pond.



Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

Various Municipal Waste Processing Services
Municipal Waste to Energy Technologies
Sewage Waste to Energy Technologies
Green Bamboo to Energy Technologies
Coal Sludge and Waste Water Remediation
Sewage Treatment
Toxic Waste Destruction
Renewable Energy Generation
Production of Ultra Clean Fuels
Molecular Refineries
Bio-Friendly Fuel
Bi Products
Micro Clustered pH Balanced Water





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Current - Total GREEN Energy Solutions for renewable energy contracts including Bamboo, Cane, Green biomass, Timber and plant mass, Hemp to produce revenues through (PPA) executed in and between WHl and power company as facilitation.


Current - Smart Blockchain contracts in major ports for secured agricultural items in which shipments are tracked via Blockchain technology.

Image by Marcin Jozwiak
Nurturing Growth


Current - Blockchain Approved Global Eco- village, self sustaining communities and Eco friendly integrated smart cities with GREEN cards in which sustainable living communities obtain credits for specific said interactions within the communities from meeting Tribal Elders of cultural centers, volunteering at local social events, to payroll of Tribal community jobs, to extended and enhanced Agricultural growth from farmers for holistic farming.



Site Visit would include inspections and data collection for numbers and locations of Municipal Solid Waste Centers and volumes of waste materials generated, Waste Water Treatment Plants and volumes of water treated daily plus sludge volumes generated, overview of national logistic networks to include road and rail freight capabilities, current municipal solid waste and waste water management practices and treatment methodologies plus national electrical generation and distribution systems capabilities and potable water distribution systems capabilities along with other information to include in general additional technical, logistical, statistical, political and environmental components.

Municipal Solid Waste Processing facility or portable unit is to address utilizing new technologies to accomplish an integrated solution for the country wide destruction of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) for Electricity Generation plus country wide treatment of Waste Water to produce Potable Water providing the Waste to Electricity Production and Waste Water Treatment Solutions:

Provide used tire and municipal solid waste destruction with conversion into Fuel Stock.

a) Development of a Technical Plan which will include the Business and Operation model with an implementation plan for the Electricity Generation and Potable Water Production. The Technical Plan will include a projected assessment of additional technical staff and associated teams plus testing and analysis equipment required to complete the overall Project Plan.

b) Development of the Project Legal Plan to include Project Contract with full Terms and Conditions.

c) Preparation of a Project Conditions Reports based upon the initial country visit data collection, survey and analysis to include a review of all previous relevant studies and reports, drawings, plans and the like prepared for the existing national circumstances.

d) Project Conditions Report: 4 weeks from completion of Initial Site Visit

e) Technical Plan: 8 weeks from completion of the Initial Site Visit

NOTE: Costs and timeframes associated with the Additional Technical Staff and their full scope of work will be determined during this stage.



Yarrabah Community

Jumbun Community

Masig Island

T1 Tower (Townsville) ICS

Rail Center

General Store (Bamaga)


Defence Housing Development

Palm Island tender

Ngoonbi Tender ICS

Kungatijui Corp

Mckay Development




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